Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is this? The TODDLER section?

Today my daughter and I decided to get a little more serious about our commitment to physical fitness. We started the summer off GREAT.  We were walking and exercising and we had really made awesome progress.  Then the heat wave struck. And then we lost electricity. And then we were miserable, and the house was hot, and there were no showers, and there were no fans, and there was no cold water or ice cubes or anything refreshing. We lost our forward momentum and all exercise ceased.  It was just too much to put on our plate.  Now that we are back in the land of working showers and cool fans - it is time to get back into action. We went to go treat ourselves to a new exercise workout outfit. There was a huge sale at our favorite store so how could we say no?  Once we got there - OH MY.  SO many choices!  So many awesome colors and awesome styles!  Every single outfit looked AMAZING on the hanger!
"How about this one?" 
"OH I LOVE IT! What size is it?" 
Size.......EXTRA SMALL.  How about this one?  Size...EXTRA SMALL.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I found something I liked it was SIZE EXTRA SMALL!  What is this?  The TODDLER section??!!!  Honestly.  They weren't real size extra smalls either.  They were the size extra smalls that super super super super skinny super models would wear. Super skinny super models that are 5'0 tall and weigh 90lbs soaking wet! Grrrr.  OF COURSE everything looked adorable. THEY WERE ALL TODDLER exercise outfits.  I know, I know - I suppose if you exercise REGULARLY - you would be able to WEAR Extra SMALL exercise outfits. Clearly, I am not an extra small.  I am not even a small.
"Where are the clothes for REAL PEOPLE?"
"Those sizes aren't included in the awesome sale. They are full price."
OH I SEE.  Only super super super super super skinny super models who clearly do NOT need cute exercise outfits get the sale price. sigh.  Maybe it is easier to just say no to ice cream...................NAH!  Who needs a cute outfit to walk in anyway?!!!

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  1. Nike's online store has great clearance deals all the time. My favorite workout shirts are on sale for $18 right now! More clothes to take Wrigley and Tanner for walks in :)


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