Monday, July 23, 2012

Sandwich Saves the Day

For all of those worried about poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres and our leaving him ALL alone ALL day yesterday, with all that work and no company and no dinner, please don't fear. My younger daughter saved the day.  Of course the situation was never really dire but nonetheless - her sandwich saved the day. She concocted a most brilliant sandwich that put a big smile on Mr. Yesteryear Acres face the moment he took his first bite. It was so good in fact - we repeated it again today for lunch.  Her masterpiece?
A fresh croissant topped with melted double creme brie, sliced grapes, lettuce and spiral sliced ham.
I have to say - it was delicious.  All morning long Mr. Yesteryear Acres couldn't wait for lunch so he could have it again.  He happily whistled while he worked and lunch was once again a huge success.  Ahhhh the power of a good sandwich.    Mr. Yesteryear Acres LOVES to have his lunch made for him. It just makes his day. He is eagerly anticipating tomorrow's lunch as my daughter is already thinking of her next masterpiece.  She is convinced she can top today's success and surprise surprise -  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is willing to taste all the sandwich concoctions she can come up with. Such sacrifice. He really has it rough!

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