Sunday, July 1, 2012

Water - Yes ...Sleeping - No!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres was able to get an emergency work around for our water situation.  We have a small generator that can power the water pump OR our refrigerator/freezers.  We have to cycle between the two every hour. So for one hour - we get water. For the next hour - we get to save all our food in the refrigerator.  And on and on all through the night.  The rest of the electric is out as the generator is too small to handle anything else.  The downstairs temperature of our house is a nice and balmy 85* and rising. The upstairs temperature of our house is the temperature of the sun. To say we are hot and sticky and slightly miserable is an understatement.  I mean I am all for Little House on the Prairie but only when it is for a quick evening festivities... and the temperature outside is right around 70*.... and I have something cool to drink.... and my dogs are happy.... and...never mind. I don't want to live back in the Little House on the Prairie times! I want my ice cubes! I want my fans!  I want my washer, dryer, stove, water, and ice cream back! My doggies are all hot, hot, hot! I don't even have a fan for them. Wah!  What's worse.......the power company just sent out an estimate as to the SOONEST we will get power.  Are you ready? Are you thinking tomorrow? Wrong. Are you thinking Tuesday? Nope.  Fourth of July? Nope. Estimated time for the restoration of power......Midnight.....JULY 8th! Guess we are in for more sleepless nights downstairs in our living room, sticking to our chairs, with no place for a pillow, desperate for a bit of cool air. Anyone want to come and join the fun?! I didn't think so. Wah!

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