Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Like Starting the Excavation Project

This morning I was ready for the excavation project.  I woke up ready to go! Let's start.  Let's get this thing going.  Let's get after this! Then.......I had to take new puppy pictures for the website.  Then I had to look through all 300+ pictures and marvel at how cute our puppies are. Then I had to upload all the new puppy pictures on the website.  Then I had to publish the website. Then it was lunch time and I was super hungry so obviously I had to eat lunch. Then I had to wait for my daughter to get home because how could I ever start the excavation project without her kind assistance? Come to think of it - I believe I shall put ALL the blame on my daughter because she wasn't ready for the excavation first thing this morning so clearly my lack of getting started is her fault. When the afternoon rolled around - was it my fault that the peaches were ready to be picked?  I mean..... peaches vs. excavation........Peaches Win!  You can't deny big softball size peaches just ripe for the picking! My daughter came home just in time to help me pick peaches.  We ended up picking a bushel and a half of Red Haven peaches, plus a bushel of Paula Red apples AND a peck of tomatoes.  That is like starting the excavation project but SO much better!  We ended up peeling and slicing 5 quarts of peaches for canning, prepared a delightful peach salad to go with dinner AND a made huge peach crumble crisp for dessert. The crisp is baking as I type and the house smells sooooo good!  I am sure when Mr. Yesteryear Acres comes in from the garden he will say we chose well. For dinner we have fresh baked tomatoes over pappardelle pasta. Yes it is like starting the excavation project......there is NO procrastination happening here!

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