Sunday, July 22, 2012

Many Hours and One Full SUV Later

My daughter and I left the house this morning at 10am to go do ALL her college shopping.  I had a goal in mind of about 3 hours for this particular adventure.  3 hours of shopping and we would be done, finished, finito! Boy was I wrong.
The first mistake was thinking we could tackle Walmart quickly.  Evidently - that just can't be done. We were there forever and the lines to check out were ridiculously long.  Then it was off to warehouse clubs, home improvement stores, stores and more stores.  The good news is that WE ARE ALL DONE! YEA!  The bad news is that we have to empty the car. BOO!  The SUV is loaded.  I mean once I am already out shopping for the day, I might as well get EVERYTHING that is on our list. LED light bulbs, milk, oven mitts, shower curtain liners, Duct Tape, sugar for my coffee, etc. - yes I got everything on our list as well.  Despite the fact it took all day - we did a great job.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres did not look all that happy when we returned this evening. Mr. Yesteryear Acres did not look like he thought we did a great job. Mr. Yesteryear Acres did not run out to greet us full of joy and happiness, bouncing with overflowing gladness at our return. I may have told him I thought we would be back around 2pm. We may have returned at 6:00pm. We may have spent a lot of money. We may have left him with all the farm chores and all the watering and all the cleaning to do all by himself. We also may have forgotten to pick up dinner.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres....why so grumpy?

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