Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain Dance

We are living under some kind of Sci-Fi type dome where NO rain makes it to the ground. We can watch the radar screen full of BIG DARK GREEN and YELLOW warnings of torrential rain absolutely vanish the second it hits our area. Our friends less than one mile away got an entire inch of rain the other day and we got nothing. Everything is so dried up around here.  The grass is yellow and crunchy.  The creek is so dry it is nothing but dust.  We have to fill up the horse trough several time a day as the horses just drain it dry.  Watering our huge garden takes HOURS.  We have over 100 tomato plants and each plant needs a good 1/2 bucket full of water. Our corn is so short - I believe it will qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records, "Shortest Corn EVER".   It is a never ending process to try to beat this drought.  Yesterday my daughter and I did the rain dance all day.  We asked Mother Nature to PLEASE send us some rain.  Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain.  We have so much extra work with all the watering. Most of our day is devoted to watering and re-watering. We will be lucky if we can harvest actual vegetables out of our garden rather than harvesting dehydrated produce!  Right now it looks like we are making the fixings for dehydrated soup mix! It was just about time for the second round of watering last night....when the skies darkened!  The thunder began rumbling!  The rumbling got louder!  My daughter and I cheered! We ran outside. COME ON RAIN!  COME ON!  All of the sudden, we felt a drop on our head! YES! RAIN!  Then two more GIGANTIC drops fell from the sky! YES RAIN! YES!  And was all over.  Four drops.  That was it.  When Mr. Yesteryear Acres came in, I complained that our rain dance didn't work.  He informed me that it worked perfectly.  I asked for rain.  I got rain.  The fault lies in the fact I neglected to specify just HOW MUCH rain I wanted.  I see.  Okay.  Today during my rain dance - I am specifying how much rain.  I would like enough rain so that nothing floods yet, the creeks are full, the grass has enough moisture to gain just a little bit of green coloring, the garden is fully saturated and the outside is cooled enough so that it doesn't mimic the temperature of the sun.  Is that asking too much?  Maybe I should set my rain expectation a little lower.  Perhaps I should start with 6 drops of rain. Okay. COME ON SIX DROPS OF RAIN!  YOU CAN DO IT!

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