Saturday, July 14, 2012

All Day Puppy Smiles

Fergie's puppies all went home today. From early this morning until this evening it has been non-stop puppy smiles. Everyone fell in love with their new furry babies. There is nothing so awesome as love at first sight. I often get asked how we can part with our adorable puppies and the answer is always the same.....I love seeing happy families! There is nothing better than watching the happiness on everyone's faces as they meet their new furry best friend. The puppies are always happy too. They have people running to meet them and hug them and love them forever. It is just the best feeling and makes for a most awesome day.  To all our new puppy families and all our sweet safely on your long journeys home.  We will miss you adorable puppies but are so happy you are all so well-loved!

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