Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Dentist....Hooray!?

All week long I have been dreading my visit to the dentist.  My appointment to fix my fractured tooth from the ever so dangerous crushed peanut on my Pad Thai was cancelled due to the power outage.  A part of me cheered when I got the message that my appointment was cancelled.  Well the dentist office got their electric back on and said, "Come on in!"  Ugh. Dread. Fear. Trepidation. WAH! I didn't want to go.  I hated the thought of going and then.......WAIT a minute!  The dentist office has ELECTRICITY!  The dentist office has toilets that flush!  The dentist office has AIR CONDITIONING!  The dentist office has cold water to drink!  Maybe this dentist thing isn't so bad after all!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said I was lucky.  My kids said I get the whole morning off and they were jealous.  Everyone here would gladly change places with me and I am getting a FRACTURED tooth repaired.  So I went.  And when I pulled open the door to the dentist office....cold air rushed over me and surrounded me in happiness.  I walked in and said, "SALVATION!"  Everyone laughed and said I was the happiest cheeriest dental patient they had ever seen.  They did a good job too. My tooth is all fixed and I got to enjoy 90 minutes of lying down, cooling off and relaxation.  Who knew?!  Dentist...HOORAY!

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