Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13...Thankfulness Day 12

Happy November 11th, 2013!!!  11-12-13.  Today I am thankful for the specialness of the day.  When will we ever see another 11-12-13??? Not in our lifetimes.  Well at least not in mine. Even though I like to think I will be here for another 100 years, it is clearly not likely so today is the last 11-12-13 that I will ever experience.  As unique as that sounds - that is how I treat every day.  Yesterday was the last 11-11-13 that I will experience and tomorrow will be the last 11-13-13.  Every day is special. Every day is unique.  Every day brings it joys and sorrows, the and ups and downs and the promises of another beautiful tomorrow.  Sure today is special because of its numerical uniqueness but it is equally special because it was my 11-12-13.  I woke up this morning to a blanket of sparkling white beauty.  I looked out the window with my face full of smiles and happiness at the sight of the fresh fallen snow.  I came downstairs and was greeted by a fresh brewed cup of coffee perfection made especially for me by my sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  I played with puppies.  I answered emails.  I made a delicious dinner and shared the joys of the day with Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son.  I spent over an hour with my son talking in his room about his aspirations and hopes for the future. I did laundry, cleaned puppy things, trimmed puppy nails, exercised.  You know. A regular old Tuesday filled with nothing particularly AMAZING yet everything perfectly wonderful.  Life.  It is a wonderful thing to treasure every day.  Share your 11-12-13 with someone you love.....then do it again 11-13-13 and again 11-14-13 and again and again.  Happy November 11th, 2013! Hope yours was filled with Thankfulness!

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