Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Dark! - Thankfulness Day 15

Mr. Yesteryear Acres literally has no idea what time it is when he is working outside. Does his stomach grumble at dinner time?  Nope.  He is WORKING. He will work and work and work until there is no light left in the sky and then he will put on a headlamp and work some more.  During the summer months, we often do not eat dinner until 10:00pm at night! This November when we changed the clocks back one hour.....we brought blessed night time just a little bit earlier to Yesteryear Acres. I love winter all the more because it's dark outside at night! Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres came in for dinner at SEVEN.  Miracle!  Why did he come in?  Well because it's dark outside! Ha!  His internal workings have now all been reset for winter time.  That means he comes in from working at a reasonable hour.  That means we just may sit down to relax by 9:00-9:30 at night!  That means that if Mr. Yesteryear Acres comes in early again tonight not only will he smell the homemade potato bread coming out of the oven, not only will we have dinner at a reasonable hour, not only will we have our chores done BUT we might do something crazy like watch an entire TV show and have popcorn night!  Oh how I love winter darkness.  It makes my favorite bestest TV buddy come in and enjoy some much needed R & R.  Yay!  Thank you darkness! It's popcorn time!

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