Saturday, November 16, 2013

CHOCOLATE....Thankfulness Day 16

I love chocolate.  I mean I really really really really really love chocolate.  Mmmmmm. Sweet heavenly chocolate goodness.  I suppose one could say I am not a true chocolate aficionado because I love milk chocolate. I am often told that Dark chocolate is the best and REAL chocolate lovers only like Dark chocolate but I say there is room for milk chocolate lovers in the chocolate world. My favorite chocolate things are: chocolate cake with double chocolate frosting (although chocolate frosting right out of the can is WAY up there), chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered raspberries, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fudge and just about every chocolate candy in the world. My ultimate, I can't resist, I have no willpower, I must consume every piece, it is beyond heavenly is Milk Chocolate Toffee.  For me.... that is IT.  Mmmmm.  I always get a box every Christmas and it is always gone WAY too quickly.  I can never ever get enough Milk Chocolate Toffee!  Today I had a chocolate attack.  It came out of the blue.  There I was minding my own business, washing dishes and WHAM!  I NEED CHOCOLATE!!  I scoured the house and NOTHING!  I ate a few cherry gummies and even though they were delicious, it did nothing to appease the chocolate monster within. I almost was forced to go to the store when AHA!  I found a trick or treat size bag of M&Ms by my son's stuff.  Oh thank goodness!  Oh thankfulness times 1000!  I immediately ripped open the bag and was SO thankful that my chocolate monster was quieted with the M&Ms.  Who knows what would have happened if I failed on my chocolate quest! Whew!  Crisis averted.........for now. CHOCOLATE!

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