Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sharing Thankfulness - Thankfulness Day 14

My younger daughter works as an RA for her dorm building at college. She loves her job and is very attentive to all her residents. I love hearing how she makes a difference in their lives and helps ease that difficult first year transition away from home. This week she made a Thankfulness Bulletin Board for her dorm.  She cut a big tree out of construction paper and then starting filling the branches with empty paper leaves so her residents could write what they were thankful for.
Awwwwww - I LOVE this idea!!!!
Once the leaves were on the tree, it didn't take long before her dorm residents were filling in the leaves with their thankfulness.
I love what they wrote!  My favorites:
Yoga Pants
Oyster Crackers  (That one really made me laugh!)
I loved how many leaves said, "Family".  That is always what I am most thankful for too. I loved that my daughter shared her thankfulness board with me and I love how she is sharing her thankfulness with others.  Sharing Thankfulness ....I feel even MORE thankful today!!!!!

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