Sunday, November 3, 2013

Treasure Every Day - Thankfulness Day 3

When my daughter attended the United States Naval Academy, I met a group of other midshipman moms that ended up becoming my very close friends.  We are bonded by the experiences our children shared at the Naval Academy and cemented forever by the experiences they face now that they are officers in the military. This week, one of our midshipman mom friends lost her son.  She is the first of our group to lose a child, and tragically we all recognize she is likely not the only mom that will lose her sweet baby. Our children selected perilous paths in life.  We all know the dangers that lie ahead but none of us really can imagine that happening to the ones we love.  We all rallied around our friend as soon as we heard the tragic news.  We all shared her grief and overwhelming sadness.  Each one of us thought - how would we ever survive if that were to happen to us? It is beyond unimaginable.  We all wore our special "midmom" shirts on Friday to show our support and I think every one of us wore an angel pin that was lovingly made for us by another midmom. The month before my friend lost her son, she was lucky enough to have made the trip to go visit him for a week.  She said that she is holding onto that special week they shared together and keeping that close to her heart.  They had the very best time together and she is so glad she has that last memory of him.  So today - I am thankful for all the midmom friends that surround our children with love.  I am thankful for every single second of every single day that I share with my children.  I am thankful I never take one text or call or email or note from one of my children for granted.  I am thankful for knowing and appreciating and believing that every day is a blessing.  You never know when it may be your last.  Hug the ones you love. Be thankful for every breath given. Treasure every day.


  1. Heartfelt condolences to your dear friend's family. maybe they already know about TAPS, if not, it would be a great resource ( Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).

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  3. So very well written, my very thoughts as a fellow Mid Mom. Thank you so very much for writing them down. From my heart to you and all the Mid Moms.


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