Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dental Prize - Day 2 of Thankfulness Month

After last week's trifecta of medical fun, I thought HOW can I top that THIS week?! I know.....THE DREADED DENTIST!  Now before any of my dental loving friends become offended, please notice this is a thankfulness post. I am thankful for the dental profession. It is just that I really really really don't like going to the dentist.  I might need to add an extra really or two.  I dread it.  I don't like anything about it.  I hate having my jaw hurt from holding my mouth open. I hate having to swallow and no means to do it.  I hate having fingers in my mouth.  I hate the sound the scraping makes.  Get the picture?  Not a fan.  Well yesterday, I got an email from my dentist.  They love to stalk me.  They text me. They phone me.  They email me.  It is as if they KNOW I am hiding.  Yesterday's email said that if I came in to fill a canceled appointment slot, I would get a prize.  What?  A Prize?! Count me in! I figured it would be something AMAZING like a TOOTHBRUSH or Mouthwash!  Oh boy!!!  I went anyway.  I mean I was overdue and I might as well cross that one off my list.  Once I got there, I was actually showered in praise.  "Oh your teeth are so white!" "Oh your gums are in excellent shape, we rarely see gums this healthy".  And my favorite, "WOW - you REALLY DO floss!"  I felt like I was getting gold stars left and right.  It did make the ensuing cleaning not so bad.  As I was checking out, the hygienist yelled for me not to forget my prize.  Heck yes!  And do you know what?!  I really did!  I got a really nice golf umbrella, coffee travel mug, lip gloss, teeth whitener, frisbee AND a TOOTHBRUSH!  So today, I am ultra thankful for my awesome dental prizes and that I got a perfect clean bill of health for my teeth and........I don't have to go back until next year! Dental Prize/Clean Teeth/THANKFULNESS!  Yay!

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