Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poopsicles - Thankfulness Day 24

My son has a TON of homework and really needed to spend the entire day inside working on his school work. He just couldn't help do any farm chores today. For some odd reason, I found myself volunteering to help Mr. Yesteryear Acres do all the outside chores.  What? Why did I do this?  I don't know!  I just jumped up and said, "I'll go outside with you!  We will do all the farm chores together!" I had to get ready right away because unlike my polar bear husband, I require layers.  Layers upon layers of winter clothing.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is dressed for weather that I would describe as brisk.  He has on a short sleeved T-shirt and a sweatshirt.  I look like I am prepared for the Arctic Tundra.  I have on thermal underwear, fleece socks, fleece pants, fleece sweatshirt, an arctic snowsuit, winter boots and one of those fur lined hats with the ear flaps that people wear when going on Arctic expeditions. Oh yea and hand warmers.  Lots of hand warmers. My son and Mr. Yesteryear Acres pretty much throw themselves on the floor with laughter whenever they see me dressed in my winter gear.  I really look as though I may hike all the way to the South Pole. Anyway, I clumsily walk outside, barely able to put my arms down, and start working.  First on the list - clean up the backyard.  Simple enough right? Wrong!  Last night all the little puppy poop and all the big doggie poop froze.  As in frozen solid.  As in the backyard is littered with poopsicles.  I cannot merely go and scoop up the poop as I normally do.  No. Not on the day that I volunteer. I have to take a metal hoe and start hacking away at the poopsicles.  Hack. Chop. Hack. Chop.  With precision, I can get the entire poopsicle into the shovel. When I miss and hit the pile incorrectly - I am sprayed with a fine sprinkling of frozen poopsicle dust.  Are you seeing the picture? Hack. Chop. SPRINKLE SPRAY SPLATTER. Yes. Oh the fun I had!  When you add all the other farm chores including using a spud bar to break open a hole in the creek for the horses......the fun of winter is almost too much to handle. I did help Mr. Yesteryear Acres do ALLLLLLL the farm chores. I was outside for 3 solid hours. I have the pile of frozen tissues to prove it! So what am I thankful for today?  That I am done!  No more poopsicles!  Everything is all clean.  Well that is until tomorrow. And coincidentally, I JUST checked my calendar and yep! It looks like I am booked solid all day long. Guess someone else will have to fill my frozen shoes! Poopsicles anyone?

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