Saturday, November 9, 2013

Doodle Walks - Thankfulness Day 9

I am so thankful that I always have a doodle doggie to go with me on my daily walks.  I never have to go out alone, all by myself, with no doodle buddy - that would be one sad walk!  If you ever want the most enthusiastic walking buddy on the planet - just ask a doodle doggie!  Their answer will always be, "OH BOY YES!!!! I LOVE WALKS!"  Some days I take just one doggie out on a super long 5 mile walk. When my son and I go out walking together, we usually take multiple dogs at once and let them all romp in the fields with joy.  Today I split my walk up so I could take a few doggies out for some special one on one time.
Taffy was the first to go with me.  She is the snuggliest doodle doggie ever.

She definitely prefers lap time.  She could snuggle all day!

Time to head back for the next lucky doggie

Mr. Yesteryear Acres had my next walking buddy all ready and waiting

Is it my turn yet?

Okay Truffles!  Let's go!

Lucky Dog! Lucky Dog! I am a Lucky Dog!

Truffles loved her workout!

Marmalade said....."ummmm Can I be next???"

OH Boy!  My turn!!!!

Who else but a faithful doodle doggie gives you this much thanks for a nice workout?!  Doodle walks.....THANKFULNESS!

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