Friday, November 22, 2013

Doodle Love - Thankfulness Day 22

Today and every day I am so thankful for the unconditional love given to us by our sweet doodle doggies and puppies.  To be loved by a doggie is to be truly loved.  No other creature can possibly love you as unconditionally as a best doggie friend. You are never too grumpy or tired or sick or late or dirty or clean or happy or too sad for a doggie to love you.  In your deepest darkest days, a doggie will be there to comfort you. In your happiest, most joyful days, a doggie will be there to rejoice with you.  What other creature will greet you with as much abandoned joy as a doggie? I literally can be out running errands for less than 30 minutes, walk into my house, and you would think a parade were being held in my honor simply because I walked in the door.  Even my own sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres does not think my return from the grocery store merits an overwhelming display of emotion and joyfulness. He certainly does not spin in circles of happiness when I come home but my doggies do! Doggies love you every day.  They never tire of you.  They never see your faults.  They never stop wagging their tails in appreciation of your company.  To spend my days raising sweet doodle puppies is to spend my days surrounded by unconditional love every day of the year.  And every single day, I am thankful.

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