Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank a Farmer - Thankfulness Day 26

My son's ultimate dream in life is to be a farmer. Yes he wants to attend The United States Naval Academy or West Point. Yes he wants to serve our country. Yes he wants to have a career as a military officer but at the end of that, when he is all done with his military career, he wants to farm.  He dreams about being a farmer every day.  He spends hours researching tractors and farming equipment and farms for sale and farming procedures.  His favorite speech ever is Paul Harvey's "So God Made A Farmer". I believe he can recite every word. If he could be a full-time farmer right this very second, he would. He would wake up before the sun and work hard every single day of every single year and retire late at night exhausted yet grinning from ear to ear. He thinks about raising puppies and cattle and growing crops.  My son has a farmer's soul.  I believe it is his destiny.  Yesterday my son had the time of his life. I think the smile on his face will be permanently plastered for weeks.  Our neighboring field of corn was harvested yesterday and guess who got invited to go in the combine? Yep!  My son! He spent HOURS in the combine and when he got home, he said his face hurt from smiling so much.  He asked questions the entire time he was harvesting the corn and of course now is more in love with farming than ever before.
My son's "ride" for the day

Corn Picking time!

His front seat view
Every day my son says, "Thank a Farmer" - so thank you farmers!!!!  And thank you for giving my son the BEST DAY EVER. Farming Thankfulness. 

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