Thursday, November 7, 2013

Done! - Thankfulness Day 7

As it is each and every Thursday, today was "Clean the House Thursday".  I get to spend the entire day cleaning the house.  I dust the ceiling fans, I vacuum the furniture, I clean the bathrooms, I clean the cat boxes, the puppy areas, the floor, the refrigerator, the microwave, the bed linens etc. etc. etc.  It is a day full of FUN every Thursday.  Okay. Okay. SO maybe FUN is not really an accurate descriptive word.  I never wake up on Thursday, bounce out of bed with joy yelling, "OH BOY IT IS CLEAN THE HOUSE THURSDAY!!!!" In that same regard, I do not drag myself out of bed with gloom and sadness crying, "It is clean the house Thursday, WOE IS ME!" Thursday is cleaning day.  Plain and simple.  And what I am thankful for?  When I am done!!!!  I am SO happy at the END of every Thursday.  When the house is spotless.  When my job is complete.  When every trashcan is empty, every bed made, every sink sparkling clean.  It is at that exact moment that I feel complete and utter happiness over a job well done.  Of course in a house devoted to raising doodle puppies and doggies and cats and a farm boy and a farm husband - it is a fleeting moment of happiness as the mud and dirt enter the house before I can turn around.  Oh well.  I am thankful that I have doodle doggies to love and care for and a farm boy and a farm husband and a house that I love.  I am thankful that I am appreciated every Thursday by all who live here.  There is never a week that goes by that I am not thanked for making our house all sparkly clean. It is nice to be appreciated and for tonight.....the house is spotless........but......the boys should be coming inside in about 15 more minutes and the dogs have been playing outside tonight sooooooooooooo looks like next Thursday will be exactly the same! Thankful to be done!  AND ready to start again!

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