Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Falsehoods of Vermont

So apparently I have been fed some pretty big falsehoods concerning Vermont and my time up here.  The first falsehood would be "It never gets hot in Vermont." Let me assure you that this is a blatant lie.  In my week here the daily temperature has hovered between 94-96*.  In my definition - that is not just hot but hot enough to remove the top layer of skin from every inch of your body.  Falsehood number 2, "We don't need air conditioning". Again WRONG!  Let me assure you that EVEN if it never gets hot in Vermont, I feel that if one's house is approximately 100* because not one single window in the entire house opens, air conditioning is surely needed. One might even say mandatory. Same could be said about the car.  Air conditioning - necessary. Along with the weather - I have been promised that my sister's meeting in court ( she is a lawyer) would take approximately 5 minutes and could I please please please go with her so we could be together all day. Hmmmmm. I ask you - if a court meeting starts at 9:00am and takes 5 minutes........which of the following statements are true? Statement A: My sister's meeting in court was over at 9:05am.  Statement B:  The meeting in court was over at 9:10am. or Statement C: The meeting in court was over at 10:00am AND a ticket for an expired meter was on my sister's car?  Here in Vermont - where time takes a new form, the answer is Statement C.  In that same vein - guess how long the 15 minute meeting that started at 2:30pm took? And just in case any of you dear blog readers are thinking of visiting Vermont when it is clearly NOT hot - if a restaurant hangs a sign that says "We have A/C!" please do not think that means they actually turn it on. Yes, my trip here has been somewhat sweltering but in all honesty spending time with my sister and her family is worth losing a few pounds in the sweatlodge.  She and her husband have gone out of their way to make sure I was entertained and well fed.  I have had delicious meals and many laughs. I have had lots of time with my nephew and had time to give him a few swimming lessons.  We started with total fear and have progressed to putting his face in the water and using both hands to paddle. I have met some of the friends I have only heard about and have had spectacular views of their mountains. I also found that if I sit outside to write my sister's doggies are sure to keep me company so I don't forget to write something about them. 
So here it is......even the doggies here think it is hot! Tomorrow I head back to Connecticut. We have half a day to spend together before I take off.  I think we should head back to the lake. For some reason, I keep thinking about a nice cool dip!
And one final and very important note:
Today is Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday. I was so sad to miss the day when he turned the big 50! Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres, you are the very best husband in the entire world and I am sooooooooo lucky you are mine.  I missed you so very much today.   When I get  back, we are definitely going to celebrate. Please think of something extra special for your birthday dinner - I will make you ANYTHING .....EVEN LIVER! (yuck).  Also you can have any cake you would like, even the homemade cheesecake that takes hours and hours to make.  I miss you.  I love you.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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