Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who doesn't love the State Fair?

It is almost State Fair time!  Man there are just some things I LOVE about the State Fair.  I know most people go for the rides and games.  We always see tons of people on the midway riding the Ferris wheel, trying to knock down milk bottles, spinning in circles in whirly-gigs, going through the fun house, or walking around with gigantic stuffed animals on their shoulders. It is a piece of Americana right there.  Our family never goes to the midway section of the fair.  I believe we might be the only ones.  We always start our day with the agricultural display buildings.  We love to see the prize winning roosters and chickens, the bunnies, llamas, horses, pigs and cows.  We usually sit and watch several final judgings for the blue ribbon livestock winners. I especially like the junior animal handlers.  You can see just how hard they worked and how much pride they have in their livestock. I also really love seeing all the baby calves at the fair.  The Brown Swiss Cattle babies are SO adorable.  I just love their big eyes.  My kids always go and take a turn at milking the cows.  It is a fair tradition.  After we see all the animals we spend a good portion of the day with all the agricultural displays.  I mean how can you not look at all the blue ribbon Tomato winners and not compare them to what is in your own garden.  You would be surprised at how much time we can spend looking at green beans, beets, corn, eggplant, pumpkins and tomatoes.  We always make sure to cast our vote for the best farm display. Once we have exhausted the entire agricultural section of the fair we head on over to the Natural Resources area in the fair.  We have never missed a lumberjack show and are always the first ones to the fishing hole. We finish off the fair by visiting the Youth Center where all the 4H, Scouting and FAA projects are displayed, the craft building where the quilt entries, homebaked goodies and canning displays are found and the fine arts building and miniature train exhibit. We are lucky because our kids have always enjoyed going to the fair and love to do the exact same things we do. We have never once been asked to buy a ride ticket or play a midway game - and I think the kids can spend more time watching the newborn piglets than we can! Now before you think that we forgo the MOST important enjoyment of the fair - let me assure you that the FAIR FOOD is DEEPLY enjoyed by every one of us.  Food requirements of the fair include:  shoestring french fries with tons of vinegar and salt, corn dogs, lemonade, more shoestring french fries, dumbo ears, sweet corn, more shoestring french fries, cotton candy and let's not forget the most important fair food - shoestring french fries with tons of vinegar and salt. Mmmmmm.  That is my favorite in case you couldn't tell.  I can eat a bucket full! I think it is time to put down FAIR day on our August calendar! I need my summer fill of fair food and fun!

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