Monday, July 5, 2010

My very own "pool" boy

My trip to Vermont has been awesome so far.  Last night my sister and nephew and I went to see the best fireworks display I have seen in years. The fireworks were HUGE and so beautiful.  We had the screamers and the twinkling stars and the big boomers and the sparkling stardust.  We had huge purple fireworks which are in my opinion the very best colored fireworks.  They just are so brilliant and I love them.  Three times I thought the finale was happening only to find out the show was still going on.  When the real finale started I found myself laughing nonstop like a little kid as it was that spectacular.  It really took my breath away. It was great. This morning I went with my sister and brother-in-law to go watch my 6 year old nephew play tennis.  I have to admit that although my nephew is beyond adorable - I was ready to go before the tennis camp was over.  It was hot - and I have been a spectator so many times at my own kids' sporting events that I was thinking about perhaps doing something else.  My sister and brother-in-law loved it - which is awesome - because that is what parents do.  They sit in the hot sun for hours just to catch the smallest glimpse of their child in action. Once the tennis camp was over we headed to the State Park for some fun in the sun.  It was a beautiful lake setting surrounded by mountains. The weather was hot and perfect for swimming.  I found just the right spot to put my chair - right up against a tree so I would be sure to be in the shade.

I then found out that my sister had NEVER gone swimming in the lake. So of course it was up to me to make sure she got all the way in.

The water was what some people call "refreshing".  I just called it REALLY REALLY COLD!!! After we got out we were completely spoiled by our very own "pool" boy.  My brother-in-law greeted us with towels and then proceeded to serve us the most delightful lunch.  He made fresh squeezed lemonade and then all sorts of delightful snacks that he served to us while we sat in our chairs.  We were spoiled all day long. It was AWESOME! 

Once we got back to my sister's house my brother-in-law continued his most excellent role as "pool" boy and proceeded to start cooking our dinner.  My sister and I took a hike up a mountain road and MAN it was hot and we were so tired when we got back home. We hiked 2.5 miles and survived the walk and the gigantic horsefly that was determined to get us. Our pool boy had a delicious appetizer waiting for us and for dinner made the best roasted vegetables.  Tomorrow I believe we are going to go swimming in a mountain stream/river.  The adventure continues!

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