Saturday, July 24, 2010

Full house

I was thinking about how much I enjoy the interactions of my full house. Dinner time seems to be just that much more interesting. Breakfasts are just a bit more eye-opening. And all the times in between - just a bit more richer.  The dynamics between older sister and younger sister are the same yet more respectful and meaningful.  Since my younger daughter has experienced the week at the Coast Guard Academy - she and my older daughter have so much more to talk about.  My older daughter is seeing my younger daughter with new eyes and my younger daughter sees her older sister with new eyes as well.  Each has come to appreciate the others strengths and goals and dreams. They feel connected and they are closer than they have ever been and yet the same underlying Big Sister/Little Sister dynamics still remain. My son who works harder than any other 14 year old I know has gained the respect from his older sister as she can see just how much work he does each and every day.  Their relationship has also become more connected yet once again - the constant teasing and relentless ribbing one another never stops. It is fun to step back and watch how mature and responsible each of my children have become and then in an instant have that interaction turn into a complete 100% full onslaught laugh fest. I am filled with happiness as each of my children are in one place, all together, being complete kids again. There is nothing that exemplifies being a child more than the moments you spend with your siblings. Siblings get one another. They hassle each other more than any other person ever will - but then love each other with the same intensity.  Siblings can band together and roll their eyes in unison at their parents and then one second later totally empty their frustrations and stress onto one another. They can fight amongst each other but at the same time will defend each other to the end. I know that my three children will be the best of friends, the closest of companions and each other's confidantes forever. I feel lucky that I am surrounded by such love. When my husband and I watch their silly moments at the dinner table and we are all laughing - I am smiling to the depths of my soul. I think how lucky my children have been to have grown up in a house full of love. I think how lucky I am that they are mine. I know that in these moments - all that I ever wished for in life - everything I have ever wanted ... is right beside me.

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