Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair Be Gone!

So we totally walked on the wild side today. My older daughter decided that she wanted her hair shorter.  We just went to the salon last week so she didn't really want to spend more money on another haircut but she really wanted her hair about 3 inches shorter. So - what to do? We got out the scissors!  Now maybe this doesn't sound all that daring - but let me assure you that it was.  First - I am not a licensed beautician. Not even close. Second - I had a horrible experience as a child when I was trying to be helpful and gave my sister a trim. We had REALLY long hair when we were young and her hair was past her waist and she wanted it a little shorter. Evidently  (or so I have been told MANY times) I cut her hair crooked. As in a diagonal.  When my mom came home the only means of rectifying the situation was to give my sister just about the worst shortest most awful haircut ever.  My mom gave her a....BOWL cut.  Yep. My sister had to walk around with a super short hair cut when just that morning she had hair down to her waist line.  I still doubt that I had cut her hair QUITE that crooked - but the short haircut was the end result.  I actually felt bad about that day for years and years.  It took until I was a grown adult before I forgave myself.  So anyway - today my daughter asks ME to cut her hair.  You can imagine my slight apprehension!  But she said she trusted me and gave me her scissors and we started in on the new look.  I have to say - I am actually NOT BAD!  Her new hair cut is super cute and we all like it a lot better than how it looked when she came home from the salon. It is a better length and really flattering.  She loves it. I love that she loves it.  So we spent the day admiring her new do.  Loving the new look. And then....well I decided MY hair was way too long. So I turned over the scissors to my daughter who is NOT a licensed beautician but luckily has no emotional childhood scarring and felt confident she could work miracles.  I have naturally curly hair and it is tough to cut.  I have had many hairstylists look at my hair and pass me onto a different hairstylist.  Evidently thick very curly long hair isn't that much fun to cut.  My daughter however felt differently.  She said she loves my hair and wanted to cut it.  I said take off 5+ inches and go for it.  And so she did.  I sat on my stool as the hair fell away and wasn't nervous once.  I looked in the mirror when she was all done and I LOVE IT!  She did a fantastic job! It is actually one of the better haircuts I have had.  She listened to how it needed to be cut (where usually I have to argue with the stylist) and man it is great.  It is now about 2-3 inches below my shoulder and without all that weight, my hair is even curlier.  I really like it and am so glad I turned the scissors over. Mr. Yesteryear Acres said WOW when he saw it and he was all smiles and absolutely loves it. The whole family loved our new dos and we are both glad we took the risk.  Now my only question is.....I wonder if the Naval Academy will give my daughter leave when I need a trim?

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