Monday, July 12, 2010

Catching Up

Today was a busy one for sure!  I had over 10 days worth of mail and phone calls and puppy love to catch up on. I got up rather early and went full speed non-stop all day.  It was so nice to be home! The puppies have all gotten so big! They were so much fun to play with. I missed them all. It is funny because they really are quite similar in temperament to when I left.  They are just bigger versions of who they were. I was thinking that maybe they my have made some huge changes in demeanor - but the silly puppy is still the silly puppy and the landscape architect is still the landscape architect and the snuggle bunny is still the snuggle bunny.  Tomorrow I will be posting new updated photos of the puppies. They are the cutest bunch!!!  Cassie's goldendoodle puppies are really doing well.  They are loving their yogurt parfait topping on their puppy food and are just now starting to venture outside. They had a really fun recess time today!  I think my favorite thing of the whole day was spending time with my son.  He was glad I was home and we had so much fun hanging out together playing with the puppies today. This evening he asked if I would bake him a pie for dessert and of course I said yes so he went out to the woods and picked fresh blackberries. My daughter and I baked a fresh blackberry pie for him and I have to say it turned out great!  Blackberry pie is one of his favorites. Tonight I will work on my mountain of laundry to fold.  If you don't hear from me tomorrow - send someone to look for me.  I might be buried by the avalanche of clothes awaiting me!!!!

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