Friday, July 16, 2010

Study Day

My daughter was busy studying all day today so I didn't get to spend much time with her.  I am used to hanging with her all day long so today was a bit different with her being occupied all day. She is going for her Advanced Scuba Open Water Certification next weekend so she has a lot of classwork to get done before then. The Advanced Certificate allows her to dive below 80ft which evidently is WAY cool.  She has to take a refresher course this week and then will be diving by next weekend.  Both she and Mr. Yesteryear Acres are quite busy trying to get all their schoolwork done.  I am super excited for them as this is a passion they both share and do together. As the timing gets closer, I can't tell which one is more excited. It is really nice to see! My son who is not much of a swimmer, has now begun to show interest in swimming more so that by next summer he can get certified as well. I think he is getting the point that he is missing out on some fun times. Both of my daughters are really awesome swimmers so I am glad my son will be getting on board with some pool time. I think once he starts swimming in earnest, he just might find out that he is particularly good at swimming and maybe just maybe he might even like it. We have a good swim team program at the high school and I would love for him to swim and maybe add another Yesteryear Acres swimmer to the record board. I suppose time will tell. While my sweet scuba students were busy studying, my son and I worked together for pretty much the entire afternoon and then spent some time playing with the dogs and puppies.  Despite it being ridiculously warm outside - we had a really good day together.  We got a lot done and made the most out of the day.  Tonight my son and daughter are going out for ice cream - just the two of them. Nothing like a delicious ice cream cone to celebrate a job well done. I just might have to put in an order to go. Hmmmm Chocolate/Vanilla Twist Cone or milkshake with candy bits?  These are definitely the kind of decisions to have!

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