Friday, July 30, 2010

20 Miles

I am SO tired!  I must have walked 20 miles today! Okay Okay - not 20 exactly - maybe like 18 miles. Alright - maybe not 18 miles but I walked back to our pond so many times I have lost count. Today was work on the dock project day.  We have been trying to build a dock out on the pond for YEARS and today was dedicated to try to finish this long awaited project. My older daughter and husband spent most of the day back there and will be working long into the night until it is just too dark to see. Tomorrow - more of the same.  I love my husband. He is the most optimistic person you will ever meet.  Yet somehow optimism does not equal realism.  He was convinced they could get the dock almost finished today - yet each time I make the long trek back there - it looks exactly the same. He is now convinced that they will get it done tomorrow.  Hmmmm. How many people think that will actually occur? You have to give him credit for trying though!  He has been working non-stop since mid-morning.  He had to redo all the baseboards as they have warped since the project was started WAY back when. So I am sure that was loads of fun for them.  Do you know that if you replace one board with another board that looks exactly the same as the first board- I cannot tell the difference?  You should see the look of delight on Mr. Yesteryear Acres' face when I say, "Hey this looks the same as when I came out here an hour ago."  Really.  The love just pours right out of him. My daughter too.  They just love my visits.  So I was errand girl today.  Every time they needed some tool or drink or snack or what have you - I brought it to them. Sometimes I would JUST get back IN THE DOOR when my phone would ring and guess what - they forgot something and could I please bring it to them RIGHT away.  I ended up bringing a different puppy and/or doggie with me for every trip and worked on leash training.  The dogs loved it and were glad for the walk.  The puppies - well they loved running between my legs and around back and in front and making my trip about 100 times longer as I stumbled and tripped my way to the pond carrying a load of whatever it was I was asked to bring.  I have to say I made good progress though and by this evening we had some very well behaved puppies walking properly with their leash on. We ended up having a picnic dinner by the pond and admired the dock work.  I decided to not say it looked just like it did yesterday but rather say something like "WOW, I can tell you worked hard today."  Of course I meant that because they were very dirty and sweaty - and well - that must have meant they worked very hard so I thought they would enjoy the compliment.  I also think that if either of them read this blog post, I might be in slight trouble. So dearest husband, if you are reading this post today - Your dock is fantastic!  It is the best dock I have ever seen.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is finished. Tomorrow I will still be your faithful errand girl and bring you snacks and drinks and whatever you need to get your project done. You are an awesome dock builder and I thank you for working so hard!

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