Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Endless Tears at Dinner

SHE IS HOME! YEA!  My older daughter is home from the Naval Academy.  We picked her up late yesterday afternoon and made the drive back from Annapolis today. Although the music choice was a far cry from what I would have chosen....the trip home was a lot of fun. Having my two daughters in the car with me was perfect. The minute the car was in our driveway, my daughter ran out of the car and gave her daddy a gigantic bear hug. For a second I wondered if she would knock him off his feet! Next was her brother's turn and then she ran to see the puppies. She missed her home and the puppies so much and was very happy that we had puppies waiting to greet her. Juneau is now officially hers and she is really excited to raise her for the next few weeks. There was a lot of happiness in our yard! I have to tell you that this evening when I was setting the table for dinner, I grabbed FOUR bowls ...and then I remembered I needed FIVE bowls. I about jumped up and down for joy!  Our dinner tonight was HILARIOUS.  I mean really hilarious.  All five of us had tears rolling down our faces from laughing so hard.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres had the best time. My son had the best time. My younger daughter had the best time. My older daughter had the best time. And me - well - of course I had the best time. Along with the laughter and the joy - I felt that all was right in my world. My family is complete. We are once again a Party of Five. Life couldn't be better.

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