Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Party of......10!

Guess who came for dinner tonight????? Well since I would not have been able to guess - I am sure you will not be able to guess, so I will just tell you - MY SISTER!  Yes - my sister, her husband and my nephew arrived at my door this evening in time for dinner. Now THAT is a surprise!  She lives in Vermont so as you can imagine, she doesn't just pop in for dinner.  She and her family are on a trip to Tennessee and they stopped by here on the way. It was an awesome surprise.  My parents came over to eat dinner with us as well so we had a very full table for dinner. It was especially nice since my older daughter just got home - so she had a lovely family reunion happening tonight at dinnertime. My nephew hasn't seen her in a while so they had a lot of fun catching up. And by catching up - my nephew was "Tickle Me Elmo" and my daughter was the "tickler" and yes - the laughter was non-stop.  My sister and her family are all staying the night tonight and hitting the road first thing tomorrow morning. Well not FIRST thing because I am making blueberry stuffed french toast for breakfast - so maybe SECOND thing in the morning. I don't remember the last time I had such a little one sleeping over in our house. My nephew looked so small on our guest roll out bed. Usually we have high schoolers or midshipman sacked out on the bed and they are of course hanging over the sides as our extra bed is a bit smaller than a cot. I forgot how well it served the purpose back when my kids were that small. I had fun tucking in my sweet nephew and he was OUT before the covers hit him. My sister was next.  She was too tired to even change into her pajamas. It took almost 13 hours for them to make it this far.  Having JUST made several long road trips - I knew just how they felt.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be well rested and ready for the final leg of their journey. I will be sure to send them on their way well fed with a cooler full of yummy treats to keep them going. I wonder if I make the treats EXTRA yummy....they might stay an extra day??? Hmmmm. One quick overnight stopover doesn't quite seem long enough. I wonder if they will notice if I hide their car keys? Hey! I know...maybe the DOGGIES will hide their keys! Who can be mad at cute doodle doggies? Certainly not me and certainly not my sister.  I believe I have stumbled upon a most awesome plan.  I will let you know how it turns out!

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