Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Day for 3

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my younger daughter have been busy getting their advanced scuba certifications and were gone today leaving my son, older daughter and I home for the day.  We had a super busy day full of puppy work, puppy visits, puppies going home and good ole regular farm chores.  We started the day with me working EXTRA hard to water our garden. I mean I put my heart and soul into getting the garden watered this morning. I did such an awesome job that our creek that has been dry for over a month is now full and the stream is running smoothly.  An entire inch of water was added to the rain gauge. The corn thanked me for my excellent drink of water by tasseling and we are that much closer to the corn being ready to eat. It honestly looked like the corn grew inches taller after the rain...I mean WATERING... this morning. The puppies were SOOOO much happier after the rainstorm passed.  The temperatures dropped by almost 10* and it was SO much nicer outside.  We all went for a walk and we couldn't stop talking about how much better it felt.  We all got a little spring in our step and were quite grateful for the break from the oppressive heat.  Tonight the three of us prepared the most delicious meal.  If I were to give it a rating - our dinner would totally receive 5 out of 5 stars.  I made homemade rolls. My daughter made roasted potatoes and onions.  She cut the potatoes into matchstick pieces and diced the onions really small.  We then added a little olive oil and seasonings and roasted them at *450 until crisp. OH they were GOOD!  I then made some artichoke hearts for a side dish and my son topped off the meal with the most perfect steaks ever.  He cooked them all by himself and they were beyond delicious.  We had absolutely no leftovers and practically licked our plates clean. We were very proud of ourselves and had the best time enjoying our feast.  Tonight we are anxious to hear about the Scuba Adventures and maybe we might even pop a little popcorn to complete our perfect day for 3.

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