Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping, Mountains, and Fried Tomatoes

My daughter and I had a little time together this morning before she reported to the Coast Guard Academy and we enjoyed every last second. This morning felt somewhat heavy as I felt the weight of what next summer will be like if my daughter chooses the Coast Guard Academy as her college.  My heart will be full to the brim with the deepest sadness and emptiness. I will miss her so much that just the thought of her leaving paralyzes me. I simply cannot imagine my life at home without her.  Of course I felt the exact same way when my older daughter left for the Naval Academy and I did somehow manage to survive, so I know I can survive a second time. It is just so sad to think of her leaving.  As I dropped her at the door of the Coast Guard Academy and she turned around and gave me her very best smile, I was so proud.  She is following her dream and in that I find comfort.  In that I find a way to fill my heart with pride and joy and acceptance.  We all want our children to soar and as parents it is our job to give them very good wings.  Today was step one towards my younger daughter soaring to fulfill her destiny.  I wished her good luck, gave her a big hug and waved good-bye. I was then off towards the mountains of Vermont.  I was pretty sad in the beginning of my drive.  I had to fight back the tears that so desperately wanted to spill over.  I then remembered my own adage to not worry about something until it is necessary to worry about it.  It would be quite useless of me to wallow in overwhelming sadness over what may happen next summer. In doing so I would miss all that is happening this summer.  So I stopped myself and started concentrating on what was occurring at this moment. I looked around and noticed the changing landscape. The mountains of Vermont were looming in the distance and the sky was a most brilliant blue.  I saw beautiful streams and rivers and breathtaking vistas.  I listened to some great music and started to sing along.  In 4 short hours I arrived at my sister's house. She was happily awaiting my arrival and had my most favorite treat in the whole world waiting for me.....Fried Tomatoes! mmmmmm.  She cuts cherry tomatoes in half and makes the best batter for them and then deep fries the tomatoes. They come out piping hot and I can hardly wait to pop one in my mouth.  They are indescribably delicious!  It was so nice of her to greet me with such yumminess!  Tonight we are going out to see the local firework show.  Mountains and Fireworks --- sounds like a perfect evening!

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