Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Month Later

This morning my son and I took a couple of puppies out for a lovely walk and then stopped to take pictures of the garden.  Wow! I am obviously an amazing gardener!  All that watering I have been doing this week has really paid off.  In case you were wondering, my son just gave me that look.  The look that says that he has been roto-tilling the garden and weeding the garden and spending hours of actual labor in the garden - but honestly - I did "water" the garden each and every time it rained.  That is a big commitment! In just one short month - look how terrific our garden looks:
Tomatoes! Mmmmmm! My favorite!
Cucumbers and more Cucumbers
New planting of green beans
Future Jack O'Lanterns
Everyone Loves Sweet Corn!
All the Hay has been cut
Next month's garden update should have visions of beautiful red ripe tomatoes filling the page (and my stomach). I can't wait!

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