Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smiley Faces Literally Filled the Sky

My daughter and I have just come back from the most incredible fireworks display we have ever seen in our entire lives. It was beyond spectacular!  We went to the SailFest 2010 Fireworks display in Connecticut. It was HUGE.  Fireworks were set off from 2 barges on the Thames River. Both barges lit their fireworks simultaneously and filled the entire sky with the largest and most beautiful fireworks presentation ever.  It was choreographed to music and when a patriotic song came on, the fireworks spelled out U S A.  And when a song from Glee came on, SMILEY FACE fireworks filled the sky.  My daughter and I both had goosebumps as the fireworks were that incredible.  I have to admit through the endless laughter and giggling over the wondrous display, at one point, I had tears fill my eyes.  I kept thinking how amazing it was to be standing next to my daughter right after she completed a week at the Coast Guard Academy, listening to the pride of America and witnessing the fireworks celebration and to have this moment between the two of us that will last a lifetime.  It is one of those memories we will never ever forget.  We had the very best seats - right up front and center overlooking the Thames River and the entire evening was breathtaking.
Once again, I am proud to be an American and was ever so grateful to be part of such a magnificent celebration.

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  1. Renee, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for raising such wonderful, responsible, patriots!

    God bless you abundantly.

    Shelia (and Griffin)


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