Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures, Errands and Tapioca

Early this morning, Mr. Yesteryear Acres greeted me with an exceptional cup of coffee so my day started off with a big smile. I then found out that my daughter already had all the morning chores done so my smile got even bigger. The rest of my day was just as nice! We had one of our sweet puppies go home and the new family was just awesome. I love it when our puppies have great new families to love! My daughter and I took all the puppies outside before the rain started and we got some really great pictures of the puppies.  They all had a blast. My daughter said that what she missed the most at the Coast Guard Academy were the puppies!  My older daughter says the same thing about being at the Naval Academy.  Missing the puppies is the hardest part.  We spent a good portion of the afternoon playing with the puppies and started leash training a few of the bigger pups. They did really well! Once all the puppies were inside for naptime, I ran a few errands and then worked really really hard and watered the entire garden.  I am getting really good at this!  The garden is really starting to take off now. It won't be long until we are swimming in vegetables! I can't wait!!!!  I think tomorrow I will get pictures of the garden so everyone can see how delicious it looks.  We did get a few zucchini already so tonight I made Mr. Yesteryear's favorite zucchini dish and he was super happy. Both he and my son were grinning from ear to ear when they found out I made them tapioca pudding for dessert.  They both LOVE tapioca and can eat an astonishing amount. I made a huge batch (ONE GALLON) and it took over an hour of constant stirring to make it. That is true love! Watering the garden AND making tapioca pudding. Tonight I am hoping that my daughter and I can squeeze in a few minutes of chick flick TV - but I think the odds are stacked against us.  I heard my son and husband talking about some John Wayne movie they recorded. Hmmmmm.  You would think with a belly full of tapioca they would get very very sleepy.....I think my daughter and I can most definitely win this one.  It shouldn't be toooo long until they are both "watching" TV with their eyes closed. Then all it takes is one quick press of the remote and chick TV rules!

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