Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hitting the Road

I think perhaps I might have a career in long distance driving.  Seems like I have been on the road more than ever lately and honestly I don't even like to drive!  I have however found ways to make my driving more enjoyable.  Good music is essential.  Awesome tunes can make even the longest drives much more enjoyable.  I have created some really great playlists that keep the smiles going and the singing rocking. I also have a few cheesy books on tape which really make the time seem to go by much more quickly. Good company is a HUGE bonus.  I have been really lucky that on the last few long drives, I have had an awesome co-pilot. Tomorrow I will find myself once again hitting the road with my co-pilot. My younger daughter and I are off for the best long distance errand of the entire summer.  My older daughter has been granted leave for the next FOUR weeks and is coming home from the Naval Academy! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy!  She will be home for much longer than we thought and I am so excited!  Four weeks with our table set for five.  Four weeks with a house full of laughter. Four weeks with an extra hand to help out. Four weeks with nothing but family family family!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart will be full. My heart will be complete. There is no greater happiness for me than to be surrounded by my children. My son is soooo excited to tell his sister everything he did at the Naval Academy.  My younger daughter is sooo excited to tell her sister everything she did at the Coast Guard Academy.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I are soooo excited to hear everything that our daughter did on her Protramid Rotation. I can hardly wait!  My younger daughter and I are hitting the road tomorrow afternoon and if all goes well, I will be picking up my midshipman early Tuesday morning. By Tuesday evening we should once again be a party of five. And for the record, yes, 5 is my favorite number.

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