Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Are Actually Doing It!

I can’t believe it. All the stars have lined up and we are actually doing one of the fun things we talked about doing this summer!!! We are off to Kings Island for the day! Mr. Yesteryear Acres who once again is the best best best husband/father /puppy caretaker/ friend is staying home to care for all the animals so that my children and I can go to the amusement park for the day. Without Mr. Yesteryear Acres – there would be absolutely no way we could ever be gone for that long. THANK YOU Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!!! So we are off! We are off for the WHOLE DAY! My son is actually apprehensive because - One: He doesn’t like to take the day off of work. He is a very good worker and is very dedicated to caring for the puppies and doggies. He feels guilty leaving Mr. Yesteryear Acres home alone. Two: The last time he was at an amusement park he was in a stroller with the most adventurous ride being something like the choo choo train or the carousel. Not too exciting. Three: He has never been on a roller coaster and has NO idea how much fun they can be. So I am kidnapping him. I mean it is for his own good because I know once he gets on a roller coaster ride he will be grinning from ear to ear. I just know he will LOVE it! My daughters are excited about the day and are planning on spending a lot of time at the water park that is included in the admission. We are looking forward to the boogie board/wave rider action at the water park. It looks like TOO much fun!!! We are going to squeeze every ounce of fun we can out of the day. The weather looks great and the tickets are in my hand. We are off!!!!

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