Friday, July 23, 2010


Thanks to my most awesome neighbors, we had delicious fresh picked sweet corn for dinner tonight. It was the kind of sweet corn you dream about. Sweet tender little kernels that just pop in your mouth. It was so delicious. Here at Yesteryear Acres, we take eating corn on the cob to a new level.  I know most people eat 1-2 ears of corn, but we consider that an appetizer.  We are professional corn on the cob connoisseurs. When the corn is picked at just the right time - so all the kernels have JUST THAT SECOND become ripe for eating - so that no kernel is too big or tough or old - well that is when corn on the cob consumption is at its finest.  The record for the number of ears consumed during dinner time stands at 19. Yes that is right -19 ears of corn eaten by one single individual.  My older daughter and Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided to go full out and see who could eat the most corn for dinner and Mr. Yesteryear Acres actually had his fill first and my daughter won.  She is still proud of that record.  This summer with our sweet corn looking ever so promising, the record once again might be tested.  We never cook less than 2 dozen ears for dinner - but with the record on the line - we might have to up our serving size to 3 dozen. We have some serious corn on the cob eating to get accomplished this month. Lucky us!!!


  1. Renee, do you ever make some good 'ol PA Dutch corn pie with that corn...YUM!! I just bet Mr. Yesteryearacres would LOVE it!

  2. I make homemade pot pie with fresh corn and a delicious tomato and fresh corn tortilla soup but have never tried the Dutch corn pie. I need to look that up! :)


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