Saturday, July 3, 2010

Proof Positive

Today was just lovely.  My daughter and I had the most leisurely morning and then headed to Rhode Island to go to a State Beach. We picked one that has 7 miles of beachfront. Once we arrived we found proof that yes - massive amounts of people DID defect to the east coast yesterday!

The beach was filled solid.  We had trouble finding a place to put down 2 small towels! We carved out a small spot and then did what any one else would do when faced with thousands of people....we people watched. I mean with the diversity at that beach - the entertainment was endless. There were lots of cute kids - some were sand castle builders, some were sand castle destroyers and some just loved throwing sand. We watched people strolling in packs, couples strolling down the beach, sun worshippers, sun gods and goddesses. Pretty much representatives from all walks of life.  The sea gulls were really huge at this beach and particularly aggressive. We saw one man lose a sandwich right out of his hands! 
This one said....."Give me your Potato Chips and no one gets hurt"

Tomorrow we are off to the Coast Guard Academy bright and early and then after I say my good-byes, I am heading to Vermont to visit my sister and my sweet 6 year old nephew.  I am excited to see them. We have mountains to climb and lakes to swim in and lots of good food and fun to share with one another.

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