Monday, April 4, 2011

All day Picture-A-Thon

I am back home! WOW the puppies are sooooo cute! They are even cuter than when I left.  Our new spring babies have arrived as well. I was SO excited to see our little new chocolate doodles. AND we have TWO puppies that I like to call "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups".  We have only had one other puppy like this in all our year's of raising doodles and now we have 2!  OH I JUST LOVE THEM!!!! They are really cute.  Here is what our newborn baby looks like:
And here is what she will look like in about 7 more weeks:
Isn't that SO BEAUTIFUL?  I am super excited!!!!  We also have adorable new double doodle babies:
And adorable F2B babies that will be ready for new homes starting April 15th.  See tax day doesn't have to be ALL bad!


I spent all day taking pictures of all our sweet puppies and then uploading them to our website. I started working at 6:30am and am still working. I only took one small dinner break and then was right back at it again.  Dinner was worth taking a break for though. Mr. Yesteryear Acres made another masterpiece chicken dinner. Mmmm mmmmm good!  We are making chicken stock right now for the new mommy doggies! They will love their breakfast tomorrow morning. They definitely deserve it!!!! Thank you for giving us such cute puppies to love!!!!!

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