Friday, April 8, 2011

Puppies Going Home

Today our little puppies starting going to their new homes. It is so much fun to have families over on such a momentous occasion.  Everyone is SO happy and can't wait to meet their new little furry family member. The puppies are excited to be lavished with all the "oooohs and awwwwwwws". It is a big happy puppy festival of fun! I always get asked how I can part with my sweet puppies, and the answer is always the same - seeing so much love and happiness is one of the nicest parts about raising puppies.  Watching new happy puppy families hug their little bundles of furry love sends a smile right to my heart. We had a lot of puppy love happening today. In fact one family found out they had DOUBLE the puppy love.  They came to get one puppy and I had 2 for them to choose from. I have never seen such torture before! They really truly honestly to the depths of their souls loved BOTH puppies.  Their older daughter was in tears thinking about leaving one of the puppies behind.  Then the other daughter was in tears thinking about leaving the other puppy behind. The bonding with both puppies was immediate. The puppies took to the whole family and well - it was just pure puppy love.  What could they do?  How could they choose?  How do you think this story ends???  ........ Yep - they took both home! Now they have to come up with 2 cute names!!!  Doodle Love x 2!  Awwwwww so sweet!!!!!

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