Friday, April 22, 2011

Who's on First?......Mother Nature!

Today .....surprise surprise! It rained when I woke up. It rained when I ate lunch. It rained as I loaded up the car with my kids and their friends and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and headed to the ball field. We have been planning a fun family outing for a while and for once EVERYTHING worked and we actually were all ready ON time. We were off to our minor league baseball team to enjoy an evening out at the stadium watching a good ole American Baseball Game. We drove the hour to the ball field and we arrived right on time. In the rain. In the pouring rain. We made our way to our seats and before we could get comfy in our chairs.....the announcement was made that the game had been cancelled. No game. Why? Could it be the torrential downpour? Could it be that snorkel gear was needed to be able to go out onto the field? Could it be that everywhere we go it looks as if we are surrounded by 10,000 lakes? So what could we do? Should we cry and pout and complain that the only time we actually make a family outing work that our plans are rained out? That it just isn't fair!?!? Nope! We ate baseball food! We laughed. We joked! We had the best soggy non-watching baseball game ever! I am not sure if we could have had more fun even if they had played. It was nice to get out. It was fun to eat junk food. It was fun to be together. I guess you can look at the game as nobody lost! Not even us!

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