Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tired, Wet , Sore and a bit Sad

Today was not the day I was expecting. I try to write upbeat happy blogs - and I am SO grateful that usually - my life is upbeat and happy!  I am blessed beyond words that most of my days are filled with joy and pleasantness.  Today - sadly - it just wasn't one of those days.  It was a day where things just weren't meant to go my way. My day started off with a bit of a shock as I arranged to have a puppy delivered to a family in Maine this morning.  The person I so deeply counted on to deliver this puppy for me - didn't.  She just didn't do it.  I mean - this is beyond my comprehension because when I say I am going to do something - I do it! So then I had a family upset with me - and understandably so - and I had absolutely no way to fix it.  They needed a solution today - and I couldn't make that happen no matter how hard I tried. It just couldn't work out for the day. This made me SO sad. I hate to disappoint anyone and I tried everything I could. I even found a good flight at a reasonable cost from Maine to our airport here - but no one from that end was able to fly - so it just didn't work. So now they are really upset and I am upset.  I spent hours trying to find a good solution and still had the very long drive home looming ahead of me. As I was packing up my things at the hotel,  I dropped my very heavy laptop on my TOE!  I crushed my toe so badly. It was bleeding everywhere and I probably broke it.  Luckily they had bandages at the front desk so I was able to get it fixed up enough to drive home.  Then it just poured and poured and poured all the way home. Driving through the mountains in the rainstorm was not fun at all.  There were many moments when I couldn't see through all the rain and fog. I was afraid I would drive right off the cliff! With my poor toe!!! It took forever to get home and I am so tired. And Sore. And feeling a bit sad over the entire day and how things turned out.  I know I did everything I could - but still - the sadness remains. I think a good ice pack, comfy pajamas and a long night's rest will make things better. It is nice to be home.

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