Friday, April 1, 2011

Nature's Artwork

I spent most of the day today FREEZING! I was so cold. My goosebumps had goosebumps.  My teeth were chattering so hard that my jaw hurt. I think I lost 10lbs just by my violent shivering.  Spring? I think NOT!  This evening I finally found a nice warm place and wrapped all up in snuggy warmness. The sun was starting to set and so I sat right next to the window and let the glowing sunbeam warm my face. I was all by myself and the quiet stillness coupled with the slowly sinking sun was just pure bliss. I felt all warm inside.  The blue sky was filled with white bursts of clouds that looked like waves upon the ocean. It was a beautiful sight.  Looking up at the sky with the warm sunbeam on my face - I felt I was at the ocean on a tropical day admiring the waves crashing upon the soft sandy shore. It was beautiful. The tranquility renewed me and I was warmed from the inside out.  It is nice to take a minute to just soak in the beauty of nature.  I think Mother Nature appreciated having an audience. I think she likes it when we stop our hectic pace to admire her beauty.  Thank you for the ocean filled sky tonight. I thought it was another one of your awe-inspiring masterpieces. I look forward to seeing your artwork again soon.

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