Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grey Mood

Today was one of THOSE days.  You know what I mean - where something goes wrong the second you wake up and then it just continues going downhill from there. I had one of those days ALL day long.  Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that can't be fixed. Nothing so horrible that life as we know it comes to a screeching halt BUT nothing pleasant either. For instance - I have to give puppies baths all the time. No big deal.  Late last night I had to give a puppy a bath from head to toe.  He was yucky.  This morning, first thing....ACK! SAME PUPPY! Evidently Mr. Lime Green collar boy is SO sweet the other puppies think, "Hey, Mr. Lime Green is such a softie.  He is soooo soft.  In fact, he is SO soft, I think I will just back up here and ....do my business". ACK!  Poor Mr. Lime Green collar! POOPED ON AGAIN!  I mean seriously! That is just not nice. And to make matters worse, Mr. Lime Green just looks at me with the biggest sweetest eyes that say, "yep.....pooped on again."  He is very grateful for my bath giving and is a super super sweet puppy but it was just like UGH! Poopie puppy first thing in the morning! BEFORE coffee!  The rest of the day kind of followed suit.  A couple of times I felt like I was being pooped on!  I had a number of things go wrong - right down to my blog writing! I was almost done writing it when "POOF!" half of it disappeared! I mean GONE! I was typing near the end of the blog when suddenly I was back up in the third sentence typing and the rest of the blog was GONE.  I couldn't even retrieve it because the blog has an auto save every 30 seconds so the second my blog erased itself - it saved the new version. My whole day was like that. Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't fare any better today either. Three unexpected "drop by" visits, mud, rain, more mud, more rain, wet dogs and more rain.  I guess the only thing good about grey days and grey moods - is that it makes one all the more appreciative when better ones come along.  I am hoping tomorrow brings some sunshine our way. We could use a sunny smile sent our way!

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