Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hail? In a Rainforest?

Ahhh, life here in the rainforest is going splendidly.  I keep thinking that with the overwhelming amount of "April Showers" MAN OH MAN - The May flowers are going to be AMAZING!!!!! We should have flowers everywhere! The sidewalks will blossom! Tonight we are under a severe thunderstorm warning with at least 2-4 inches of additional rainfall AND large hail. OH JOY!  Hail and a Rainforest!  You don't get to see that every day! We had a very nice family drive up from Tennessee to pick up their sweet puppy and they had to drive through horrible storms to get here. I felt so bad for them and then they had to turn around and drive through an even worse storm to get back home. *sigh*  I think we are all suffering through the continual wet dreary days! Where Oh Where could the sun be????  It has been so long since we have had a sunny day, I might need to sit under a lamp and pretend it is the sun just so I can have something bright and shiny to admire. Hey! Maybe I will gather up all the hail pellets and create a beautiful prism of fire and ice! Or Maybe we can make a "snowman" out of hail pellets! Or Maybe we can use the hail pellets and have nice cold frozen drinks!!  Or Maybe we can just sit and watch all the hailballs float by on our own private lake.  You know the "lake"? Once upon a time, it used to be our backyard. In the meantime - we keep mucking along and enjoying the doodles mud and all!  The doodles of course don't mind one bit.  What is more fun than a big ole mud puddle??? NOTHING!  We have quite the collection of "chocolate" doodles, both big and small.  It is okay though, because as you know.....everyone loves chocolate!

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