Wednesday, April 6, 2011

By Appointment Only

For those that follow my blog, you already know that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I work long hours each and every day caring for our doggies and puppies. We don't mind at all - because if you are going to raise sweet beautiful puppies - you need to be there for them. You have to be ready to care for them first thing in the morning....even before coffee!!! You have to care for them way into the late evening.  Middle of the night - check. Birthdays - check. Holidays - check. Special events - check. Slumber parties - check. Beautiful days, cloudy days, stormy days, sunny days, cold days, summer days - check, check, check, check and check. We do all this and more because we love our puppies and caring for them is a round the clock, every day of every week, of every month, of every year type activity. When the puppies are old enough to be away from their mommy and are up on their feet romping about, we allow visitors to come and play with them.  I love meeting new puppy families and I love watching all the happy moments that occur right here in our own backyard. It is so rewarding to see people fall in love with our sweet puppies and have so much fun picking out just the right puppy for their family. Sometimes it is an easy decision.  A puppy chooses a family or vice versa - it is just love at first sight. Sometimes it is much harder as 10 puppies choose a family and in return the family falls in love with all 10 puppies. I say it is nice to be in love with so many furry babies! Having visitors here is really enjoyable -for the puppies, for the new families, and for Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I.  I can't tell you how many bright, smiley, happy, over the moon excited, fun, and lovely families we have had here at our house.  It is like Christmas Morning again and again and again.  Who doesn't love Christmas?!!  The only thing we request - is please, please, please - make an appointment first.We aren't really a typical business where it is okay to just drop by and hang out for the day without making a pre-arranged time to visit. Our days are pretty full - we might have trips to the feed store, veterinarian's office, school, grocery store or other activities planned.  I might be working......but....maybe I am working ....IN MY PAJAMAS! ACK!  Although I LOVE my pajamas - I am fairly certain that whoever is visiting would prefer that I am dressed and showered - and I would too! Sometimes I have huge cooking projects going. Or gardening projects. Or I am spending the entire day washing puppies in the bathtub, cleaning ears, trimming nails - what have you.  We have very little free time here - and having the "Oh I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by to play with your puppies" is really hard. It is hard because I hate saying no. I hate disappointing someone who made the trip all the way out here. But I also hate having dinner on the stove, or dishes laying out, or not being able to finish whatever project I already started because I have to stop everything for unexpected company. Hopefully that doesn't sound too harsh. I really love having puppy families over. I just love them more when we have the visits on the calendar. :)

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