Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Break in the Clouds

OH my gosh!!!!  For one brief shining moment --------- I saw the color blue!!!!! I am not kidding.  The color blue!!!!! The minute I saw the tiny break in our unending constant cloud cover, I ran outside with my camera to capture the moment of beauty.
I felt revived and happy and so glad to see something other than grey!!!
Look who else was happy for the break in the clouds....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres found her in our lilac tree right outside our door.
I was very careful not to disturb her while I took the pictures.
She couldn't have picked a better location. Our lilac tree is just starting to bloom.  We have one in our backyard and quite a few out front. I LOVE the way the lilacs smell when they come into bloom. The whole world smells lovely.
It won't be long before the entire tree will be in full bloom.  I quickly got one more shot of our spring flowers ...
And then the rain started once again. Right now we have fierce howling winds and tons of rain. Sigh.....tomorrow they say we may see the sky again!  I hope so! The fact that 2 ducks are "swimming" in our horse field is not a good sign.  I keep telling them --- that is NOT a pond! I suppose by all the splashing they are doing - they might be onto something. If we are lucky enough to see "GASP".... "THE SUN!!!!"...I will be running outside with my face turned upwards and I will welcome Mr. Sun with overwhelming joy. Let's all think bright happy thoughts! Come on Mr. Sun!!!!

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