Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pictureful Day!

I spent HOURS and I do mean HOURS taking puppy pictures today.  I didn't have a helper so I was left to do all the photos by myself.  I felt so guilty about not getting good pictures of Scarlet's puppies on the website yet. Getting the new puppy pictures taken was the very first thought I had when I woke up and I just knew I had to get that done today - help or no help. Did you know that if you ask a puppy to please please please sit very still and look right into the camera lens and SMILE - the puppy will do that for you right up to the exact second you click the button to take the picture? At that exact moment, the puppy will turn away so you get an awesome picture of an ear. I took a lot of pictures of ears today. 983 pictures to be exact.  Yes it was a very long photo shoot.  But in the end the puppies could see how much it meant to me to have some awesome pictures to put on my website so they finally cooperated.
Ohhhhhh - you want us to stay still and pose? How about like this?
OR like this?
We are getting the hang of it now!
Is this cute enough?

I am too tired to pose!

I am not too tired!

I am ready for my picture! CHEESE!
It might have taken all day - but it was worth it.  The best part adorable as these pictures are....the puppies are even cuter in person!!!!

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