Friday, April 29, 2011

Well....then you would be a SMURF!

Lately, our lovely pond has been visited by some serious fishing creatures and I am not talking about the human kind.  We have a couple of fisher hawks and herons that think Yesteryear Acres is the ideal spot for fishing and lounging around for the day. 
To say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres does not enjoy watching his fish flying off into the sunset would be an understatement.  A few years ago we found that if we use a algae reducer blue dye the birds can't see the fish as well. I let Mr. Yesteryear Acres know that the pond was a muddy green and it was time to make it beautiful!!!  This is an awesome argument for me - because I LOVE the color blue and if I remind Mr. Yesteryear Acres that the fish will ALL be gone....suddenly he loves the color blue too! I mean does this look like like a lovely color blue to you?  It is most definitely a murky green!
So off to the farm store for the delightful BLUE! YEA!  I love how beautiful it makes our pond!!!!  I can just sit out there for hours. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my daughter had fun putting the mixture in.

My daughter wanted to touch it.....My daughter wanted to swim in it...
She asked Mr. Yesteryear Acres what would happen if she jumped in and Mr Yesteryear Acres said, "Well then you would be a SMURF!"
She decided perhaps she would skip the swimming idea.
Here it is slowly making its way across the water.
It makes the whole pond look lovely.
It will stay like this all summer long.  I love love love it! I feel like I am someplace tropical as I gaze across my little blue sea.
 Here is to Blue Skies and Blue Seas!

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