Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everybody loves Presents!

Today was present day! Yea! Who doesn't love presents?  My first present of the day was my delicious cup of coffee from my sweetie Mr. Yesteryear Acres. He makes me my coffee every morning with just the right amount of Demerara sugar and real heavy whipping cream. He only drinks coffee BLACK so for him to get out all the extra stuff just for me and make my cup of coffee perfect every single morning is always an awesome and most appreciated present. After my delicious coffee - the door bell rang and it was ANOTHER present!!!  A very lovely puppy family sent me a gourmet basket full of yummy goodies.  I love goodies!!!  I love blueberries and maple syrup and mmmmmmmm!  So happy!  It was a really nice thing for them to do and just made my whole day. Then Mother Nature was so kind to give us a very brief respite from the drowning rains and Mr. Yesteryear Acres asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him. At first I was thinking HECK NO! It is all muddy and wet outside and I am too busy and I have too much to do - but he had his very cute irresistible face on - so I didn't say any of those things and just said YES.  We put on our tall rain boots and enjoyed a nice walk in the woods together. It was really nice.  The gift of being together is the best present in the world.  It also reminds me to live in the present.  Being aware of lovely things happening in the moment is a good way to live.  As wet as I was when we got back - I can still say I enjoyed every moment.  When the mail arrived today....there was yet another present! I am not sure what I did to deserve such a day full of lovely surprises but I am quite thankful!!!!  My mom sent me an adorable little stuffed toy bear for Mother's Day. She said it was because I was such a good mom. Awwww. To make my day complete, several families emailed pictures of their sweet doodle doggies to me. I just love getting picture updates!
Here is Molly.  She is a Double Doodle.

And here is Finley. He is an F1 Labradoodle.

And here is Moose in a carpet of Bluebonnet flowers.  Isn't that adorable?
Today I thoroughly enjoyed my presents. The presents that came in the mail.  The present of pictures. The present of spending a quiet moment in Nature. Most of all I enjoyed the present of the day.

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